Hello, I am very glad that You have visited my web-site!

My name is Tatyana, I live in the beautiful city Ulyanovsk located on the bangs of the Volga river. Our city not very big and not very famous, but it is situated on the widest part of the largest river in Europe.

I have been found of pets since I was a child, so the love for animals has been living in my heart for a long time.

My daughter Marina shares my passion for all animals. She likes helping me with our pets, taking care of them.

Our cattery is not big. All our cats live free in our home next to us. They are the full members of our family. So everyone of our cats is lavished care and love. That is why they are in perfect health, very sociable, have a sweet and quiet temper.

By the way, our cats are really friendly with other our pets. Givik – is a guinea pig, he really enjoys being among our kittens and playing with them.

Pekingese Katya was raised among cats. So they are the closest friends. Sometimes Katya has ever looked after our cats, kittens and Givik.

                           La*Murr  is a DNA PKD tested cattery.