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La*Murr Gek

d.o.b. 02 July 2017

(Two Witches Alexander & Chulpan Beyonce)

male blue and white (harlequin)

(for sale)



Attention !!!

 Information for customers:

 1.The buyer has the opportunity to check the health of the kitten in his clinic within 1 week after arrival. If the kitten's health problems are discovered and subjected to the necessary medical tests, then the buyer has the right to return the kitten at the expense of the breeder.

Medical tests should have photos and videos that they have this particular kitten

 Treatment in this period of time in the clinic of the buyer is unacceptable!

When selling a kitten has a chip, a rabies vaccine, as well as a vaccine against infections. 5 days before leaving the country, the kitten receives a medical certificate of health. All additional tests the buyer may require after paying for such tests

2.When buying an animal is obliged to warn the buyer about the requirements of cats entering the country in which he lives in advance. If the item has been specified in advance, our nursery the right to refuse to purchase or put the amount of overexposure to the date of dispatch of the animal at a rate of $ 8 per day. This paragraph also applies to reach the kitten 6 months, if the buyer for some reason can not pick it up.

3.Only deposits can reserve kittens for you. All deposits are non-refundable.

4.A kitten can be kept by deposit during reasonable period of time. Kitten's outlook for breeding and showingis marked by breeder at the moment of paying in deposit.

5.If the kitten doesn'n develope properly, deposit can be transfered for another kitten offered by breeder for substitution.

Repayment of a deposit is not foreseen.

There is one year for a buyer to choose another kitten offered by breeder.

If a buyer hasn't chosen substituted kitten during one year, a breeder decline all further obligations about kitten's substitutions.


Наш питомник не предложит Вам СУПЕР ТОП ШОУ котенка за 100$. Хотя бы потому, что такого класса вообще не существует!
А ШОУ котенок – это огромная редкость, с которой заводчик расстается крайне неохотно. А если такой котенок и покидает дом заводчика – то только в питомники с репутацией, близким друзьям, или и вовсе кастратами.

ШОУ животные стоят крайне дорого и замечу, что это не зависит от породы, а так же места проживания заводчика

Cattery : La*Murr Persian and Exotics
Owner: Tatiana Kropotova, Russia
Email: krops111@mail.ru


Only a deposit will hold a kitten for you. All deposits are non-refundable and are taken in good faith on a cat/kitten. If you should change your mind the deposit will be forfeit. I reserve the right of refusal on any cat/kitten for any reason with out explanation.

Purchasing a lifelong member of your family is a serious decision so please be sure you really want a Persian kitten.

Thank you for your understanding.


The cost of a kitten in our cattery is determined only , at the age of   2  months!

For sale - Kitten is open for viewing and sale
* Reserved - for a kitten and the kitten made a deposit withdrawn from sale
* Spoken for - a buyer with the intent to buy a kitten of sex and color

kitten due calculator


Persian cats take a lot of care. If you don't have much free time on your hands to care for a Persian, then you should not get one. They are beautiful cats but can be very high maintenance cats, they are generally great loving companions for anyone and the whole family.

Our Cats are all PKD negative

We don't sell any kittens to pet shop our breeders that use cages

if you have interest for a kitten, not you forget to say name last name and a little description of you

 For any information contact us